History of J’aime louer

How did the idea come

The story

With my companion, we wanted to clean the interior walls of the house and give a fresh breath and we were looking for the person who could lend us or rent a steam cleaner. Our owner wanted to get one too to do at home. The idea came from renting between individuals also in Guadeloupe and Martinique, but to develop it in the overseas countries.

Families often have several cars per household, but use only one. Some would like to use a brushcutter just for a day for their garden, without cluttering up their storage space or use the time of a weekend a jet ski because they can not afford to buy one…

I myself have a bike that my companion offered me with the child seat in the back and who stays in a corner of the house and takes the dust.

I think that maybe a family would like to ride a bike with mine. This is how J’aime Louer was born !