Our values

"Give meaning to our actions"

Commitment, Trust and Proximity


Our philosophy :

- Collaborative consumption to stop the overconsumption of products by reducing the waste that pollutes our islands

- The environment to protect nature by avoiding buying and throwing

- The development of the sharing economy to increase our purchasing power

- The development of tourism through the rental of goods and recreational objects, vehicles and seasonal housing. - The possibility of giving a second life to our objects by renting goods or objects. We wish to convey this concept in order to privilege the use to the possession, in Guadeloupe and in Martinique. Our goal is to encourage users to post their ad on our site to meet a large number of requests.


Bans on the site

Any ad that violates our policies may be removed from the site without notice or notification. This withdrawal may also entail, as the case may be, a definitive exclusion of the site.


On the site of jaimelouer.com it is forbidden :

- to publish an announcement if you do not live in France
- to rent a property that is not located in France; whose possession is illegal, or  which is on our list of prohibited objects or activities.
- publish ads with obscene, racist or defamatory content.
- List of forbidden objects or services on the site:
- Shares and other securities
- Dangerous activities (for example, shooting with a gun)
- Weapons and related objects (spare parts for weapons, ammunition, tear gas,  hypodermic pistols, flick knives, martial arts)
- Lottery tickets and slot machines
- Drugs and related materials
- Therapeutic services (surrogate mother, oocyte or organ donation ...)
- Fake coins, fake stamps ...
- Fireworks, explosive, highly toxic or radioactive products.
- Police badges and uniforms or other official uniforms
- Games of chance
- Hardware for opening locks
- Drugs and medical accessories
- Stolen or counterfeit objects
- Identity papers, personal financial information and personal information in general
- Driver's license points
- Tobacco, Alcoholic beverages


Prohibited practices :
- Child pornography
- Trade in human beings, animals
- Illegal adoption of children
- Counterfeits
- Loan of unauthorized artistic works
- Satellite decoders and TV
- Impressions from movies
- Downloadable media
- Financing or financial loans between individuals
- Advertising for any sexual act against remuneration (pimping and soliciting are  prohibited and punishable by law)
- Post ads with sensual massages
- To make defamatory or hateful or racist statements, incitement to violence
- Abusive, discriminatory, offensive or violent behavior


Regulation for the category "SERVICES" on the site jaimelouer.com
Offers of services requiring prior or periodic payment are also prohibited. Ads with pornographic or obscene content (vocabulary, photos, images) are prohibited on jaimelouer.com. It is also forbidden to advertise for any sex act for remuneration (money, goods or services). We also remind you that minors are not allowed to access the site. The offers of castings (photos, videos) erotic or pornographic are also prohibited. Any ad that does not comply with these rules may be removed from the site